Christine Morren was born in Louvain, Belgium in 1966. She always considered arts to be somewhat of a dream, but after pursuing a “serious” profession concluded the only serious career for her was just there: in painting.

In 2002, she started painting in acrylics, but soon found it didn’t suit her. The oil technique, (more malleable), became her medium of choice, permitting a more profound manipulation.
Christine's work has been exposed in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Germany, UK, USA,...

Abstract to visionary
Christines paintings speak in a curiously absorbing world view, yet unique coherence.
Christine draws a purpose and theme for the work from an abstract first base. Along with her palette, a refined shadow and light play make her work present an extraordinary luminous quality.
Though there exists, certainly, a deeper sense in her work, is there a need for storytelling around them – and should it be inflicted upon the viewer? The artist does speak volumes – through the richness of the work itself.

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Christine Morren | Artist | Belgium